“Stadiums filled with crowds roaring loud,

professional Teams in every state, our league is the dream of every child.

The first league including Men & Women, you’ve never seen anything of the sort,

we are the future of sport.” 


We envision a future where the NTFA stands as a beacon of inspiration, pushing the boundaries of human potential, and fostering a deep passion for the sport.

We are the national destination for track and field, inspiring athletes and captivating fans worldwide. 

Our vision is to create a professional track & field league that sets new standards of performance, showcases the incredible talents of athletes, and delivers thrilling and immersive experiences for fans. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sportsmanship throughout the track and field community.


The NTFA's mission is to foster unity among Athletes, Coaches and fans while inspiring generations by delivering exciting sports entertainment experiences. By doing so we believe we will transform the track and field landscape. 

Our organization is fueled by two fundamental goals. Firstly, we are dedicated to empowering athletes by establishing a dynamic platform that enables athletes to thrive on and off the track. Secondly, we aim to enrich the fan experience by providing captivating experiences, content and nurturing the growth of track and field across the USA.

Through the establishment of a national track and field league, the NTFA will elevate how USA engages with this thrilling sport. Adopting a team-centric approach at the professional level offer fans an unparalleled way to immerse themselves in track and field action

Follow your favorite team and athletes as they blaze their paths to greatness. Within this league, every athlete's contribution is pivotal to their team's triumphs, cultivating a deep-rooted connection among fans across all disciplines and genders.


The NTFA is a league comprised of teams in which athletes compete in 15 events of both genders. 

Athletes will have the opportunity to enter a pool of potential candidates, from which they'll be chosen through an entry draft. It's crucial to emphasize that each team will operate as a club. This will allow athletes to post official recognized times for their teams gaining points throught a series of meets. Although athletes will compete for their respective NTFA team we will still grant athletes the freedom to train under their personal coaches and compete in line with their established routines.